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The good news is, I have better abs now. The bad news is, my chest is about the same. ;-)
San Clemente, CA 1963 - 16 months

My 9th birthday, and happy as a clam to be a year older.
Funny how that loses its luster after a while!
Trenton, NJ - Jan 3, 1971

During my senior year at Kennebunk High School.
Kennebunk, ME - 1980

Oh, now the world is safe for democracy with this AFROTC cadet in the cockpit!! ;-)
At least I did some aileron rolls, that's got to be worth some taxpayer bucks.
T-37 at Vance AFB, OK July 1982

Getting my butter bars and going off into the wild blue yonder for real...
UNH, May 1984

"nowhiners...the curly years!" ;-)
Buffalo, WY - ca. 1992

With wonderful, inspiring John Robbins
WorldFest LA, CA September 30, 2001

A woodnymph, pixie dust and all! :-)
Halloween 2001

Biker Chick - just another of my multiple personalities. ;-)
August 2004

With Willow at Goddess Springs, a favorite hiking destination
July 2005


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