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Please give the photos time to download!

Twin Thunderheads

Lots of views like this from our place in late spring and early summer...

We get lots of double rainbows & lots of lightning, but I got lucky when I captured them simultaneously!

One of our breathtaking sunrises, taken from our deck.

Our "backyard" (landscaping by Mother Nature!): Black Tooth Peak in the Big Horn Mountains.

Devil's Tower.

The rest of these photos were taken in Yellowstone National Park....

Lower Falls (Yellowstone Falls)

A young bull elk

Dragon's Mouth Spring, one of Yellowstone's awesome thermal features.
(Looks and sounds like there really is a dragon inside that cave!)

Ms. Griz!


And finally, some Wyoming humor....

A Wyoming Windsock. ;-)

All photos taken by me, except the grizzly bear (taken by my friend Jay Walker),
and the Wyoming Windsock (photographer unknown). Email me if you want to use any!

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