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My photos of some feathered friends!

Brrr....A cold birdie takes shelter among the sunflower seeds!!
The dead trees (partly visible in this photo) that are part of our bird sanctuary are ones I've gathered on my hikes,
hauled home and wired to the fence for the birds to use as perches. The antlers, shed by the deer in the very early spring,
are also ones I find on my many hikes and screw to the fence railing. The birds not only perch on them,
they use them to sharpen their beaks and to open sunflower seeds, and the squirrels and chipmunks like to gnaw on them
for their calcium and other mineral content. Talk about recycling! :-)

A Mountain Chickadee - we get them year-round.

A pair of Mountain Bluebirds.
They show up in March, and are one of our very first signs that spring really is coming!

A female Crossbill. The Crossbills always show up in a huge flock. Unusual to see one dining alone!

Can you count 5 male goldfinches in this photo? ;-)
The strings of brass bells and the various small jingle bells, cowbells and windchimes I have suspended from the dead branches all give a gentle jingle every time birds land and take off. "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings!"
Seems appropriate that the birds are helping out in that endeavor! :-)

These two goldfinches appear to be "kings of all they survey!" :-)
Male goldfinches always remind me of those yellow marshmallow chicks you find at Easter. Only cuter!

A magpie in flight. I think they are so beautiful!

A squirrel friend shows up for supper. With weather moving in, can't blame her for filling her belly!

A finch - neither colorful nor rare, but I love this photo! She looks like she's part of the branch!

A baby wren, one of two who were reared in a set of bamboo birdhouse windchimes! The other baby had just left the nest, and this one was just a couple of minutes away from doing the same when I snapped this picture. In fact, his maiden flight was from the birdhouse to my shoulder!

A pair of our local wild turkeys. We have a flock of about 18 or so each year, and whenever it thunders, they gobble in reply.

~"Feed the Birds"~

from "Mary Poppins"

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