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My goodness...more awards! Who'd a thunk it?! ;-) Thank you all for your magnificent awards!
I love each and every one!

This award is one of my most special!! Thanks, Meglet! xoxoxoxo :-)

My dear friend Meglet's homepages are are just like, funny, beautiful, helpful...pretty much perfect! You just have to see for yourself! Don't miss them!!

Thank you, Jill, for this one-of-a-kind award!

Thank you, Shelley...I love your garden and this award will always be special to me!

Thanks, Mystical Geisha!

Thank you, Billy! You are fabandoz...whatever, too! ;-)

Thanks, Lisa!

A great source of dog gifs...and other fun canine stuff!

Thank you, Tonya!

Thank you, Carrie!

And thank you again! ;-)

This one really made my day! Thank you so much, Carrie!

Thank you so much, Amanda! I'm proud to be the first recipient of your new award!

Many thanks to Rory, an Irish setter from Ireland (is that redundant??? lol!) for this award! And thanks also to Rory's person, Peter! ;-)

Click on Oscar to visit my Awards III Page!

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