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My photos of some wildlife friends!

My very "deer" friend, Jane Doe, who began following me around as I did my morning and evening chores in July '04, and soon was enjoying cuddles and giving kisses and sticking her nose in my jacket pockets (where alfalfa cookies can sometimes be found!) Probably won't be long before she's sleeping in front of the fireplace on cold winter nights! ;-) The photo on the left shows Jane licking her chops in anticipation of breakfast!

Jane sniffs out the paparazzi!
(That's her two-year old daughter Sugar behind her).

No, your eyes do not deceive you. Jane wandered through the open gate of the dog run during morning chores
and made herself quite at home. (She now does it regularly!) Note the vicious reaction of my killer dogs. ;-)

This is Luigi, one of Jane's sweethearts. Her other is Guido. They both strut around here like a couple of Mafia bosses.
They don't push Jane around, though -- this is her house!

"I love you, big brother!"
Peanut (Jane's yearling) gets a kiss from one of Jane's new twins (named Hodie Doe and Dosie Doe).

One member of a local moose family that fortunately doesn't show up demanding dinner. (Yet!!!!)

This little fart somehow managed to get inside my watering can I keep in the sunroom! It took me more than a day to figure out where the noise was coming from! How (and why) he got in there will forever remain a mystery. I photographed his "escape" back into the great outdoors. A disappointment as a gardening assistant, he never showed up to help me weed and water.

~"Don't Fence Me In"~

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