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When I was very small, I had a pet fox...invisible to grownups, of course, but quite real to me....who lived under my bed. When I was a little older, I collected pictures, which I put in a scrapbook (and which I still have), fox figurines, fox stuffed animals. And now that I am (ahem!) very grownup, I am lucky enough to live in the mountains of Wyoming, where I can often look out my window and see foxes at play. One even loves to come up to our dog run and tease our dogs. She will come very close until our dogs, confined in their fenced yard, go berserk. And she will just sit and stare at them. When they finally calm down (either out of exhaustion or because we tell them to!), she will jump up and spin in a circle...renewing the frenzy of our poor confused pups....and then she will once again sit and resume watching their antics, with great disdain! (I swear she thinks it's amusing!)

Somehow I have always known that the fox is my totem. The affinity I've always felt for the fox, the thrill it never fails to give me when I see one, and the good luck that always seems to follow a fox sighting has convinced me that I am a Fox Person. :-).

And what does it mean to have the fox as a totem? Many things...among them: the fox has a highly developed sense of smell, so if you are a fox person, you may be very aware of scents, and aromatherapy might be a good thing to study. (My favorite scents? Cloves and newly mown grass would be two! And scented candles are among my favorite things!) You are also alert to unpleasant situations and/or danger because something "just doesn't smell right".

Foxes are very small, but they look larger because of their thick, plush fur. Fox people take good care of their hair, and are quite proud of it. (And you thought it was just vanity! ;-) So if as a fox person, you are feeling out of sorts or restless, change your hair for a quick attitude fix!

But my favorite thing about fox medicine is the belief that the fox can act as a guide to the unseen world that surrounds us. Because the fox is often most active during dawn and twilight...the "in between times", and because the fox is often spied along the edge of forest and meadow...the "in between places" is thought that the fox can lead one into the realm of faeries and other spirits....a world that perhaps exists just beyond our senses! I was not aware of this when I created my faerie page....could it be that my fox totem was my inspiration? Perhaps you would like to follow the fox to my own faerie realm ~~

Click here to follow the fox to my Faerie Realm!

The information on fox totems was gleaned from "Animal-Speak: The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small" by Ted Andrews, and "Animal Walk: Teachings by the Animal Kingdom for the Two Leggeds" by Julia White.

The song playing is, of course, a foxtrot! ;-)


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