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You did not need to lose me...Love is strange:
Some loves cling fast,
And some run far and free:
My love for you is splendid as the sea ~
As turbulent ~~
As subject to swift change.
And if, like tides,
it flowed beyond your hands
To tryst with sea gods in dim coral caves,
You only had to call across the waves,
To bring it rushing back along the sands.

You did not need to lose me...No man ever
must needs lose love, when all is
said and done.
My love, like water glimmering in the sun,
Flows and recedes and flows again forever,
Always toward you...
(Deep in your heart you know
That I am gone because you let me go.)

~Jan Isabelle Fortune

~"On a Distant Shore"~

An original composition by
Bruce DeBoer

Copyright, 1999