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The Northeast Corner

Ahhh, now we're in MY neighborhood, the northeast corner of Wyoming.
Want to see what my back yard looks like?

The Big Horn Mountains

Here are a few more local attractions....

The King's Saddle Museum

Don King and his family are famous for their saddle-making and their ropes. You will see people wearing "King's Ropes" baseball caps in the oddest places...including in the movies. You can visit the King's store on Main Street in Sheridan, and then cross the back alley to see where they make the ropes and to visit the awesome (and free) museum. While it contains hundreds of saddles of every make and style, the museum also boasts an impressive collection of other relics from this area's past. Native American clothing and beadwork, firearms, a horse-drawn hearse and a sheepwagon, old rodeo photos, US Army paraphernalia, and much more.

The Bradford Brinton Memorial Ranch

The old Quarter Circle A Ranch, now known as the Bradford Brinton Memorial Ranch, sits in a gorgeous setting in Big Horn. Bradford Brinton was an Illinois native who fell in love with the West and became one of the area's wealthy cattle barons. The 20-room ranch house is the main attraction, along with Brinton's outstanding collection of Western art and antique books and documents. On display are works by Charles Russell, Frederic Remington, Will James, John James Audobon, Hans Kleiber and several others. There is also an art gallery on the property.

Eaton's Ranch

Eaton's Ranch, located 18 miles west of Sheridan in Wolf, WY, was the world's very first dude ranch. It's still a working 7,000 acre cattle ranch that welcomes dudes who want to pay a lot of bucks for the privilege of performing hard, sweaty, smelly work to the wry amusement of working cowboys everywhere. :-) Some of the dudes who make an annual pilgrimmage to Eaton's are descendants of the first dudes who stayed there. In late spring, wranglers bring the Eaton's Ranch horses down from their winter pasture and herd them right through Sheridan out to the ranch. Believe me, that's a sight to see!

"Cattle Call"

Now let's head south and east to see some other sections of Wyoming's northeast corner!